Yoko meshi in Japanese literally translates to a ‘meal eaten sideways’ but is often used to describe the peculiar feeling when speaking a foreign language. I immediately connected to it as I have experienced this stress when attempting to speak pigeon english/local language while travelling, and thought it was a nice phrase to sum up a lot of my travel experiences!


I love travelling, taking photos and sharing tips so starting a blog was a no brainer for me. I don’t claim to know everything about places, but hopefully some of my posts gives other travellers an idea of where to eat, what to see and what to do. It also serves to distract me from online shopping.


I’m an Aussie girl from Sydney currently calling Doha, Qatar home. In my not so distant past life in the corporate world, I worked in the product team of an airline. Although I’m no longer fully immersed in the airline industry, you’ll still find me geeking out over articles on airport lounges and aircraft refurbishments. I love fried chicken, rap music and Game of Thrones. I like being challenged and feeling slightly out of my comfort zone – although I do like staying in 5 star hotels on occasion. One of my favourite things about travelling is trying out the local food and am inspired by Mr Bourdains attitude and penchant for trying new things. Except squeezel.
My husband and awesome travel buddy is an aerospace engineer. He likes hummus, Dave Grohl and the NY Knicks. He’ll appear time to time in my photos and as you’ll find, is a serial outfit repeater who still uses the same backpack and jeans from his first travel adventures. He’s also my IT guy.

Favourite travel memories

1. Getting lost by taking the wrong way down Mount Fuji and panicking that I only had 1 banana to eat. The word hangry comes to mind, but I don’t think it was invented yet.
2. Taking public transport to get to Disneyland LA. I knew we were on the wrong train when we passed Compton station. We got off the next stop and the police told us to get straight back on the train.
3. Randomly sharing a meal with some butchers who invited us into their shop in Amman, Jordan.
4. Riding a boat at dawn Inle Lake with some monks feeding the flock of birds trailing us.
5. Swimming with turtles in the Low Isles, Great Barrier Reef
6. Visiting Petra, Jordan
7. Fangirling in LAX Airport when we saw Jess from Gilmore Girls sitting.right.next.to.us.

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