Restaurants near Utorda, Arossim Beaches Goa, India

During my stay at the Park Hyatt in Goa, I tried out a few of the beach huts located close by. Although we were spoilt for choice with restaurants in the resort we stayed at, we decided to venture out to the beachside restaurants that were cheaper and to have the quintessential Goan foodie ‘beach hut’ experience.
Most of the beach huts with the exception of Zeebop by the Sea had a very similar setup. Plastic laminate tables and chairs were placed on the sand floors, with half of the restaurant being covered and the other half in the open.
The food offerings were also similar with a big focus on seafood. The standout restaurant for me was Star Fish Beach Shack for the memorable and delicious dal makhani, and Zeebop by the Sea for its colourful ambience and environment (and random name).
If you’re staying at the Park Hyatt, the beach huts we visited below are all within walking distance with the furthest walk being 7 or so minutes to Zeebop. I’ve listed my must tries along with photos of our meals from each of the restaurants for those curious about the dishes available.

Aarons Beach Hut

Aarons Beach Hut menu

Try the: Seafood biryani
. The vegetable pakoras weren’t memorable however the seafood biryani really made up for it as it was flavourful and the seafood was cooked perfectly.
Seafood biryani – 400 INR
Veggie pakora – 200 INR
Coconut juice – 100 INR

Zeebop by the Sea

Zeebop by the Beach menu
Try the: stuffed crab & butter scotch gelato
Paneer chilli fry 220 INR
Prawn curry rice 280 INR
Stuffed crab 300 INR
Butter scotch gelato 200 INR
Fresh juice 100 INR

Venus Beach Shack

Try the: garlic naan bread – crispy on the sides, fluffy in the centre and loaded with plenty of toasted garlic.


Star Fish Beach Shack

Star Fish menu
Try the: dal makhani
– bursting with flavour and perfectly cooked, it paired well with the garlic naan we ordered.
Crispy garlic calamari 350 INR
Dal makhani 170 INR
2 tiger prawns market price
Garlic naan 80 INR
Coconut juice 100 INR

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