2 days chasing waterfalls in Iguazu Falls, Brazil

In between tanning sessions in Rio and drinking multiple caipirinhas, we managed to squeeze in a 2 day trip to Brazilian side of Iguazu Falls for some sight seeing.

To save time we flew from Sao Paolo airport to Iguazu Falls with Tam Airlines which set us back $640 aud for both of our return flights, and used a taxi from the airport to the hotel.

07:2008:50Foz De Iguazu
Macuco Safari ride
Belmond Hotel Das Cataratas
13:1514:40Foz De Iguazu
Sao Paolo
Matiz Guarulhos

Marvel at the falls

Entrance fees & Opening times to the Brazilian side of the falls can be found here.
From the start of the walking trails you can reach the viewing platform at the end in 45 minutes – dependant of course on all your photo stops of the falls and locals (read: agouti, monkeys and coatis!).

As we walked along the trails, we could hear El Diablos thunderous roar, muted down by distance and a foliage of trees. Being on the Brazilian side, we could also see the falls that made up the Argentinian side worthy and impressive in their own right. At the end of the walking trail, there is a viewing platform that overlooks El Diablo. If you plan your visit and are lucky enough to stay in the Hotel Das Cataratas, you can avoid the big groups of tourists and start your trek early in the morning when the park isn’t officially opened to the public yet.  We scoffed our breakfast early and left around 7 am where we were able to see the elusive agouti in the open and monkeys playing in the treetops above.


iguazu falls argentina
The viewing platform, teeming with tourists the day before was completely empty and was almost surreal to walk through.

iguazu falls walkway

iguazu falls majestic

iguazu falls greenery

The money shot


Get wet on a boat safari!


cost                170 BRL

If you want to get up close and personal to the falls and get a different perspective of them, make sure you book a boat ride! We booked our tour through our hotel with Macuco Safari who we highly recommend.
The safari starts off with a transfer from your hotel to the national park – from there we rode an open air vehicle that went through the park, with a guide pointing out some interesting facts on the local flora and fauna. Educational, but not overwhelming or too scientific to bore us! At the end of the safari, you climb aboard the speedboat, ready for your 15 minute thrill ride.

The boat ride starts off pretty cruisy as you make your way towards the Argentinian side and shown beaches at the foot of the falls. It gets pretty exciting after that as you manoeuvre your way around rocks and ditches, approaching the three muskeeters falls. At the falls, the boat is thrust right into the thick of it all, like an epic #alisicebucketchallenge. Sit at the front if you want to take a shower!


Fly on a chopper over the Falls

If you can’t get enough of the falls and want more of a buzz, you can also do helicopter joy rides over the falls. You can prebook them online through Viator, otherwise our hotel offered it through their tour desk with only a few hours notice (we were there during low season though and in most cases probably better to book it with more notice).


Pack some insect repellent as there are a lot of mosquitoes along the trail.
Make sure your camera is waterproof if you go on the boat rides/safaris - you will get drenched and so will your belongings. There are lockers at the dock for hire if you forget but if you want to document your experience, a waterproof camera is your best bet.
You may be tempted to give one of the cute af animals a hug, but just remember they are still wild animals and you don't want to end up with a rabies shot as a souvenir.
If you're staying at the Hotel Das Cataratas, try to visit the falls before breakfast or during breakfast - you'll be sure to have the falls to yourself.
If you do the boat ride, bring a spare change of clothes otherwise you'll be wet on the transfer back to your hotel.

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